Orion 120EQ refractor

orion120 This  refractor was originally bought as a guide scope to my old C11.  Self -guiding was never implemented with the CG11 but the refractor was kept for the C14 since it has a fairly long focal length (1000 mm). It is mounted in parallel to the C14 using a losmandy H plate. While everything is quite rigid, flexures do not allow exposures of more than 3 minutes using the Atik11000-CM on the C14 and the Atik16-IC guider on the Orion. It must be said that the focuser on the Orion is not of the best manufacture. Optically, the lenses appear quite good. Chromatic correction is not perfect, and not sufficient for deep sky imaging as the stars on the ccd chip end up looking like fat blobs. I also tried mounting the refractor in parallel on the C14 itself, but again, flexures do not allow for good guiding, even with the C14 mirror blocked. I am told that it is possible to use these “low quality” refractors in narrow band imaging, but since my camera is color and I have no interest whatsover in my nebulas looking yellow, I would not know!

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Orion 120/1000 mm Refractor, 9.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings