Hyperstar for the C14 EdgeHD!

That’s it ! I finally got the chance to try the Hyperstar from Starizona on my C14, after a 3 month wait due to poor weather… But, as they say, good things come to those who wait. At first glance, I was very impressed with the manufacture of the Hyperstar. It came in a very nice “Pelican case”, and it looks very well engineered. Everything is machined, not cast and the large optics are superb. To install it, the secondary mirror has to be removed and is placed  into the bottom threadcap of the hyperstar. By instinct, one would expect the hyperstar goes onto the secondary housing in the same way as the mirror, but that is not the case, it just screws itself onto the secondary lockring threads: fronthyp

The Hyperstar possesses three sets of screws: a set to allow for rotation (handy to orient an object on the sensor) and the last two sets which are a common pushpull setup to allow for collimation. Yes, apparently, on most scopes, the hyperstar has to be adjusted so that the stars are nice and round across the entire field. On that subject, I feel extremelly lucky as my stars are fine across the field without having to tweek the setup screws. Speaking of field, Starizona states that full frame sensors such as my Atik11000-CM are not supported as the field is only corrected to a 24mm by 24mm (roughly an inch by an inch). Well, what I found is that it still works extremelly well with my sensor… Stars are ok in the corners even if there is some vigneting, but flats will take cae of that.

For guiding, since the focal length of the Hyperstar C14 is 700 mm, I choose to mount my Orion120 EQ in parallel to the main tube using the heavy losmandy H plate:


notice that I have changed the native orion crayford for a Teleskop Service one which is alot moe rigid and accurate. The focal of the guider is 1000 mm, which works well to guide the C14.


You can see details of the H plate on the picture above. The whole assembly is pretty rigid but still requires 80 Lbs of counterweights on the weight bar.

So, I was ready for a test last night. I took a bunch of flat field shots at dusk as is my habit, and they seems to work quite well. Then, I went for 20x 5 minutes exposures on IC1396. There seemed to be good signal on the raw exposures, but, the background seemed to come up quickly, thanks for the combination being so quick! Imagine, a 14 inch scope opened at 2! It has to be said that I did no choose the easiest target, as my skies are not very dark. Anyway, below is the processed full rame image I acquired last night:


The main problem I get working without filters is the shear number of stars… Anyhow, there is a new “Hyperstar” sub-Section to the piture galleries where I’ll be putting the newly acquired images.

Clears skies


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